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Hi everyone,

Hoping and praying that you are all well and managing to cope with the ongoing impact of Covid-19.  


Although the churches in our Benefice (All Saints’, Sawtry; St Nicholas, Glatton; St Giles, Holme) are now open through the week for private prayer and reflection (see details on this website), there is no prospect of Messy Church resuming anywhere in the near future. So, I wanted to share some more stories, activities, thoughts and prayers for you to share at home - with many thanks to the national Messy Church team who are working hard to keep us all resourced.

This month’s theme is about a man called Saul who was really nasty and hurt new Christians who wanted to follow Jesus after His death and resurrection. His story tells us how God can choose and change even the worst of people to share the news of Jesus’ love.

I hope that in amongst the home schooling, working, and looking after others etc. that you get a chance to have a look at Saul’s (later called Paul) story and share this and the activities together as a family.

Don’t forget our FB group where I also try to remember to post things that might be helpful to families. If not a member yet but you are on FB do send me a friend request and I can give you access. Please do post any prayer requests on this group (it is private). You can also pass any prayer requests to me if you don’t want to share more widely or contact Revd. Becky.

Here’s also another link to a website from the Church of England called Faith at Home which I hope you find supportive with all that is going on

One of the lovely things about offering worship and social times on-line using Zoom is that a number of families across the whole Benefice of Sawtry, Glatton and Holme with Conington are joining in so please don’t feel shy

about doing so. Please just ask if you need any more info about the technology behind joining Zoom.  

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So what is Messy Church?  

The following is adapted from Lucy Moore’s book “Starting from Messy Church” and we hope it will give you a flavour of this exciting new phase in All Saints’ life.  

Messy Church is a form of church for children and adults that involves creativity, celebration and hospitality.

Messy Church meets at a time that suits people who don’t already belong to a church and usually looks

something like this: welcome, craft time, celebration or worship, meal.  Most meet monthly (although some are more occasional) and last about 2 hours.  

Messy Church is a church for all people at all stages of their faith journey (including way behind the starting line!) and of any age. It’s for families of all sizes and shapes (including families of 1).

Messy Church explores the Bible through activities and story and provides opportunities for people to socialise

and enjoy a meal together.  

Messy Church started in 2004 in an Anglican Church in Portsmouth and is now enjoyed in churches all over the UK, Europe and the world! With Messy Church we will be trying to  be  a worshipping community of all ages, centred on Christ, showing Christian hospitality – giving people a chance to express their creativity, to sit down together to eat a meal and have fun within a church context.  

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